Manuel ROBBE

Manuel Robbe (1872-1936) went through a traditional education of quality, both in his general studies and as a fine artist.  By the time he becomes an active member of the Parisian art scene, he is a talented and well-rounded painter.  He quickly finds his stride, first as a painter, then as a lithograph poster designer, but then, around 1895 as a color etcher.  By then the technique was well established in Parisian printmaker milieus.  Robbe takes its painterly qualities to a whole new level.  He learned etching and the use of aquatint from the unavoidable Eugène Delâtre and became a master of coloring à la poupée.  Robbe made hundreds of prints, both under his own name, and later in life under the pseudonym of Alphonse Lafitte.  His prints before World War I are mostly depicting elegantly dressed women, modern life, cityscapes and landscapes.  Signing as Lafitte, he mostly depicted seascapes in Brittany, though not exclusively.  His works have declined in value tremendously.  They are today an amazing value for their quality (in my humble opinion).

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