The Fetish

Date 1969
Technique Aquatint
Price $1,200.00
Exhibitor Stevens Fine Art
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Emilio Amero (1901-1976)  Aquatint, 1969. Title: The Fetish.   9/50. 

Image size: 8 5/8 x 7 1/4. Excellent Condition. Matted and unframed. 

Emilio Amero was born in the village of Ixtlahuaca, in Mexico in 1901. He studied at the Academy of San Carlos where he became acquainted with Diaz de Leon, Rufino Tamayo, Ramon Alva de la Canal, Enrique Ugarte, and Leopoldo Mendez - all students there at the time.  Later he joined the open air school in Coyoacan, directed by Ramos Martinez. He and Jean Charlot first met in 1921 at an exhibition which included some of Amero's work. Together with Merrida, Guerrero, and Rivera, they worked on the Preparatory School and Ministry of Education murals. In 1923 Amero and Charlot worked together at lithography, reviving the neglected art of printmaking. Amero is generally acknowledged as chiefly responsible for the renaissance of the graphic arts, especially lithography.

Amero went to New York in 1924 and worked for several magazines and newspapers. In the early 1930's he returned to Mexico and taught at San Carlos, now known as the Central School of Plastic Arts of the University of Mexico. In 1940 Amero went to Seattle, Washington to teach at the University of Washington. Later he became art director of the Cornish school and afterward directed his own New School of Art.  In 1946 he became a member of the art faculty of the University of Oklahoma. Amero had an accomplished career in both Mexico and the US.