The Visitation

Date 1540-50
Technique Engraving
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After Francesco Salviati.  References:  Lewis, Lewis and Boorsch 10, fourth state of six, with the name of Lafreri erased but before that of Rossi, or later Losi

Watermark: Pilgrim in circle with star (L, L & B 55; Briquet 7578).  Provenance: Unidentified (Lugt 896); Somerville & Simpson 1970’s; Dr.Eric Stanley (not in Lugt)

A fine, three-dimensional impression, with small margins on three sides, trimmed on the platemark at left, but with a narrow plate margin all round. In nearly perfect condition.

322 x 502mm.

The print differs in some respects from the fresco by Salviati in the oratorio of San Giovanni Decollato in Rome, which was painted in 1538. Ghisi’s immediate source was possibly an intermediate design which could have been given to him during his trip to Rome in the 1540’s. A première pensée (first sketch) exists in the British Museum. The influential fresco was interpreted by two other early engravers, one the contemporary Bartolomeo Passaroti (in the reverse), the other by the next-generation Netherlandish engraver Jacob Matham.