Verne Collection

The Verne Collection of contemporary Japanese prints and paintings was established in 1953, initially specializing in ukiyo-e. The collection began to grow and included works from well-known and respected artists such as Utamaro, Hiroshige, Hokusai, Kunisada, Yoshitoshi, and other printmakers from the 18th and 19th century. Over time the collection grew to include sosaku hanga and contemporary Japanese prints. Artists such as Koshiro Onchi, Shiko Munakata, Kiyoshi Saito, Umetaro Azechi, Ryohei Tanaka, Katsunori Hamanishi, Toko Shinoda, Hideo Takeda and many others were added from the 1960’s to the present. The shin hanga artists like Hasui Kawase, Ito Shinsui, Torii Kotondo, Hashiguchi Goyo, and Hiroshi Yoshida would become an important part of the Verne Gallery in the 1980’s. In the traditions of Western artists such as Bertha Lum, Helen Hyde, and Charles Bartlett, the Verne Collection became one of the most important galleries for the Western artists working in Japan. Clifton Karhu, Daniel Kelly, Brian Williams, Sarah Brayer, Joel Stewart, Micah Schwaberow, Tuula Moilanen, Ted Colyer and Joshua Rome have emerged as some of the leading printmakers and painters in Japan today. Welcome to the 68th year of the Verne Collection.

Michael Verne

Cleveland, OH


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